2022 Itinerary

FRIDAY 11th February, 2022
3.00pm – Tables available for practice
4.00pm – Bar opens
7.00pm – Friday night qualifying on tables 1 to 4
7.00pm – $25/$50 round robin knockouts on tables 5 to 20
**In the event that knockouts are unable to finish on Friday night due to time, they will be completed straight after the main draw qualifying on Saturday
Players that are playing their qualifying games on the Friday evening can also play in the round robin knockouts


SATURDAY 12th February, 2022
8.00am – Slate opens 
9.00am – Welcome speeches and run down of the tournament schedule for the weekend
9.30am –  Start of qualifying matches
10.00am – Bar opens
7.00pm – $25 Masters for any player turning 50 in 2022 or are over the age of 50
7.00pm – $20 Ladies knockout
7.30pm – $50 per team Mixed Scotch Doubles
Ladies are allowed to play in both the singles & mixed doubles


SUNDAY 13th February, 2022
9.00am – Slate opens 
9.30am – Round 1 matches to commence. Best of 5
10.00am – Bar opens
Loser’s to umpire the following match. Anyone that doesn’t umpire or get a fill in to umpire for them after losing their match will forfeit any prizemoney
11.00am – Names taken for the Non qualifiers comp
12.30pm – Non-qualifiers to begin 1st round matches
Slate Bar & Lounge dress code over the weekend is neat and tidy.