2021 Geelong Open Singles Results

2021 Geelong Open 8 Ball Results

2021 Geelong Open Singles Results

Congratulations to Jake McCartney on winning his 5th Geelong Open this weekend 6-5 against his good mate and rival Rusty Wheeler in another epic final.

Also congratulations to all of the other finalists, Rory Jowett, Arron Trethewey, Johl Younger, Brian Daly, John Russell & Jason Smiley.

We had 275 entries which is pretty incredible considering we nearly cancelled the event due to the misfortune in February when the state got shut down. Thanks to everyone that left their names in and helped save the tournament and also to the new entries that came on board in the last few weeks.

It was without doubt the hardest and most stressful tournament i’ve been involved with in my 20 years as Tournament Director but eventually in the end i think the extra effort was worth it for everyone.
From Friday night to Sunday night we paid out over $45,000 in prizemoney which included the ridiculous Calcutta pool that was over $27,000. I’m not too sure what the highest calcutta in 8 ball is in the country but it’d have to be close to a record.
This tournament wouldn’t run smoothly without the assistance of Patrick Hood & Chelle Belle who do most of the work over the weekend to give me a break and try to keep me sane. I can’t thank the both of you enough.
Mick Hodgetts, Vera Knezevic, Emily Cornell, Vicki Hill Raeburn, Greg Santuccione, Brett Cook, JR and i’m sure i’ve forgotten someone. Thank you for helping out over the weekend with the knockouts, calcutta & running around, you made the work over the weekend so much easier.

To Johl Younger, Kylie, the Younger family and all of the bar staff thanks for providing the best 8 ball venue in Australia. I haven’t heard 1 bad thing since being involved with Slate.

To Georgia Lu, if it wasn’t for your generosity in offering us the Anzac date so our tournament can go ahead we wouldn’t of had a Geelong Open. Thank you so much, i know it’s gonna cost me next Anzac tournament but it’ll be worth it ?
As everyone knows this year was the first time we held Geelong on Anzac weekend and i’d just like to take the time to thank Krystal Watts for offering to play The Last Stand yesterday morning so we could pay our respects to the Anzacs. You were amazing.

To Ash Vogt thanks for the Gippy Cup entry for a raffle. You offered it to me back in Feb off you’re own back which you didn’t have to do, so thanks for your generosity, you’re not a shit bloke and your jerky goes alright too ?
That was the easy part, now for the hard part.

To those people that missed my closing speech last night i’ve decided to hang up the boots and call it a day as the Tournament Director of the Geelong Open.

20 years is long enough and i’m not as young as i used to be. These days i can’t handle the stress that comes with running a major tournament and the fuse is getting shorter.
My heart’s not in it like it should be and i believe if that’s the case it’s time for me to call it a day.

I built this comp and watched it grow from 120 players on 12 tables to just under 300 players. If you’ve never been involved in running a major 8 ball comp you just wouldn’t understand the hard work and long hours that go in it for months before the tournament even starts.

I’ll still be involved in some minor capacity in the changeover period and maybe beyond but for now i’ve decided to hand over the reins to Patrick Hood and Chelle Belle.
I’ll probably be looking over their shoulders every 5 minutes but i’m confident they’ll both do an amazing job and i wouldn’t even consider handing it over to anyone else so you’ll all be in good hands.
It will be a joy to put my helmet on and have a beer stress free and actually be able to stop and have a chat with some of you. SOME of you NOT all of you, because some of you i just don’t like ??
Finally, to my beautiful wife who has been by my side for over a decade. She’s seen me at my best and supported me at my worst. You’ve always been there to calm me down except for that Greek dish throwing contest at the White Eagle one night, right Kevin ?

These last couple of years when i’ve wanted to pull the pin you’ve talked me out of it only because you know what the true meaning of the comp is all about and how close to my heart it is.
You’re the only one that has kept me sane, even when you do my head in you know how to calm me down and put a smile on my face. Without you by my side these last few years the comp wouldn’t have survived. You’re the only one that has seen the stress levels sky high and kept me staying positive. Thanks for being there in more ways than one, love you ❤️

Thanks to everyone that’s been involved with the Geelong Open for the last 20 years, i’m comfortable with my decision and that’s all that matters at this stage.
Vo ❤️

2021 Geelong Open 8 Ball Singles

Ben Hood Coral King Aaron O’Boyle Alec Evreniadis  Darren Chambers
Bernard Cozyn Danni Dulic David Murphy Belinda Burke Jamie Keane
Don Weston David Limareff Duncan Willocks Bryce Shergold Jamie Stevens
Jake Brazendale Deadly Duncan Gavin Roberts Cameron Cary Jayne Partridge
Mark Roberts Grant Lebron Glenn Croese Chelle Eaton (TC) Melissa Crawley
Michael Hughson Greg Comport Graham Hall Colin Smith  Quoc Boi
Steve Jamieson Leigh Gilpin  Jason Cary Laurence Anderson Steve Walker
Terry Axford (TC) Mick Hodgetts (TC) Lisa Garvey Mark Burton Steve Landsborough (TC)
Trish Lee Scott Basile  Robyn Peters Matty Verhulsdonk Trent Reinheimer
Vicki Raeburn Tim Santolucido Ronnie George (TC) Phillip Roost Will Chilton
Alan Cusden Chris Sherlock Aaron Kilpatrick Ash Watts Gary Filliponi
Cranne Wrigley  Dan Champion Adam Couchman Braedy Rickard Gary Watts
Karla Bowd Emily Cornell Brooke Walters Frank Lawless  Jason Heard
Leisen Jolly Jason Whit Dale Kent (TC) Graeme Stoneman Jason Smiley
Lincoln Baker Phil Jones Marcel Dorembus Jason Ramsden (TC) Kate Shaw
Maree Kislingbury Rhys Godden Matt Whitton Nathan Stanhope Keira Sloetjes
Phil Gray Rob Bowen  Rowan Kasper Matt Baker Nelson Chater (TC)
Steve Balacki Terry McMahan Stephen Hargreaves Neil Lemmey Peter Harvie
Steve McCormick Vera Knezevic (TC) Suzanne Allan Peta Robson Sash Savic
Vince Barbuto (TC) William Bolton Tush Singh Shane Fell  Scott Henderson
Ally Forbes  Amelia Evans Akkie Yooiam David Ewing Aaron Trethewey
Brad Redman Chris Flynn Andrew Knight Jesse Malone Anthony Jeffery (TC)
Chris Jolly jnr (TC) Decoda Cook  Don Colbert (TC) Kolbe Poole  Daniel Cornell
Jim Spiteri Jayden Hinch James Georgiadis Michael O’Connor John Luczo
Nathan Charles Kerry Osler Joseph Evans Michael Tadd (TC) Kiki Singh
Peter Sloetjes Les Terry Leigh Hinch Norm Beshara Krystal Watts
Roy Noblett Mark Helbig Lisa Hagar Peter Geffert Michael Reardon 
Shane Coustley Nathan Harris (TC) Mitch Adams Richard Dempsey Ron Callender
TK Williams Scott Adams Noelene Beech Terry Moore Sean Dempsey
Tony Montesanto Tan Mahadea Tony Begovic Wanda Allen  Sonya Bucknole
Ange Magnisalis Allan Nash Braydn Fahy Bob Dennis  Christian Francis
Ciaran Dempsey Andrew Platt Dinesh Patel  Catherine Lindridge Dale Kennedy
Dale Watson Angelo Mancuso Ebony Coxon Doug Morikovski Ekky Lakthong
Geoff Taku Anne Milne Jared Stowe-Winder Jarrod Hodges Kevin Malek (TC)
Hal Pritchard George Zamoya Luke Balacki Kristy Goodlock Matt Goodlock
John Hoskin Mark Daffy Michelle Hansen Kyal Forman Michael Morphett
Kelly Gilligan Marko Bulic Mitchell Harris Laurie Mahony Rebecca Blakie
Mark Curwood (TC) Michael Barron Noah Cunningham Luke Jowett Rory Jowett
Michael Cody Paull Clack (TC) Paul Pike (TC) Mark Emonson Tanika Wearne
Steve Formby Taylor Williams Toby Clack Stan Iakovakis (TC) Trent Gonera
Braedon Hale Bryton Hill-Smith Anthony Laverty Adrian Hyland Alberto Vorpasso
David Cooper Guy Melon Brian Jenkins Brian Daly Allan Geraldene
Jakk Phillips Harry Copperwaite Bronte Duncan  Dan McLean (TC) Geoff Blakie
Justin Bullock Josh Gorski (TC) Darren Waite (TC) Dawn Bennell Jeffrey Baylon
Lee Johnston June Tandingan Ernesto Ramos Don King Luke Johnston
Melanie Callaghan Mick Brundall Helen Cook   Mick Gaskin
Michael Shatwell Pat Rogers Jamie Lay Michael Mihaljevic Nick Howie
Mick Withers Shane Leonard Johnny Cachia Michael Schilling Peter Knight (TC)
Mitchell Young Steven Rzepski Kym Busby  Phil Gruszczak Tony Kostov
Nick Hore (TC) Wendy Scott Peter O’Keefe  Wayde Tarticchio Trent Nydam
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Archie Cognito Boris Krasic       
Bart Salta (TC) Brett Cook (TC)      
Chase Daley Daniel Thorp       
Chris Simpson Graeme Wright       
Duncan Tung Jamie Cockerill      
Josh Sleeth Paul Sommerville      
Levi Gaskin Peter Lee      
Shanan Dahlen Simon Henry      
Shane Cripps        
Tyson Howie