2012 Geelong Open Singles Report

2012 Geelong Open Report

 This year we ended up with 257 entries in total and the players travelled from every part of the country including South Australia, Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, A.C.T., Tasmania and of course Victoria. We were also lucky enough to have the world under 21 champion from Ireland playing in the comp as well.

We had some hurdles along the way mainly with the announcement of the Davis Cup tennis to be held in Geelong on the same weekend as our tournament. This meant that all of a sudden there was an accommodation shortage and some motels jacking their prices up, unfortunately this was out of our control as our dates were booked in 12 months in advance. This is why I always encourage people that are coming to book in early.

The next hurdle we encountered was the Friday night competitions at the main venue which were all running smoothly until we had a power blackout around 10pm due to a car accident in the vicinity. Unfortunately these things do sometimes happen and even though a select few believed we were responsible for the loss of power I can assure you this wasn’t the case. Anyway, the power was back on after an hour or so and we got through most of the knockouts which we had to complete on the Saturday night.

 The Friday night $10 knockout attracted 64 entries was won by Wayne Stubbs from Tasmania defeating Steve McCormick from Melbourne. The other 2 semi-finalists were Mick Norton from A.C.T. and Blair Kirkaldy from Tasmania.

 The Friday night $50 knockout attracted 32 entries with $1600 in prize money and was won by the current Australian 8 Ball Champion Rusty Wheeler who defeated the much improved Ben Pottinger from Melbourne 5-2. The other semi-finalists were Roy Tan from Geelong who lost to Rusty Wheeler 5-4 and Steve McCormick losing to Ben Pottinger 4-2.

The Friday night ladies competition was won by Carol Nunn from Adelaide defeating Dee Rispoli from Melbourne. The other 2 semi-finalists were Tracy Scerri who lost to Carol Nunn and Katrina Defina losing to Dee Rispoli.

 The Sunday non-qualifiers competition had 128 entries and was won by Peter Butterworth from Melbourne defeating his Victorian team mate Michael Scerri in the final. The other semi-finalists were last year’s non-qualifiers winner Brent Hampton from A.C.T. who lost to Michael Scerri and Nathan Harris from Melbourne who lost to Peter Butterworth. The other 1/4 finalists were Matt McKenzie from Geelong, Blair Kikaldy from Tasmania, Semisi Naupoto from A.C.T. and the very promising junior Matty Curwood from Ballarat. Prize money was over $1200 and paid to the last 8.

The final was played between Ben Judge from Perth who defeated Karl O’Donoghue from Ireland 5-4 after being 4-1 down, a massive effort from Ben to hold his nerve and claw his way back and to win the match.

Some other finals results were:

Semi Finals

Ben Judge d Kurt Dunham

Karl O’Donoghue d Steve Tran

1/4 Finals

Karl O’Donoghue d Ben Nunan

Kurt Dunham d Wayne Stubbs

Steve Tran d Roy Tan

Ben Judge d Rusty Wheeler

Congratulations to all of the finalists on their efforts.

Overall we paid out over $20,000 in cash prizes from Friday night to the Sunday night, not bad for a tournament that was nearly cancelled after its 3rd year due to the lack of support and running at a loss.

I would like to thank all of the players that have supported us continuously over the years and also to every new player that we get participating each year. These tournaments wouldn’t survive without the social type players, the players that come to play, socialise and to have a fun weekend away. I’d also like to thank each and every interstate person that traveled to the tournament. The air fares, rental cars, buses, trains etc plus the accommodation on top of that. It’s not a cheap weekend away for anyone, but their love and devotion to the game we all love to hate keeps everyone coming back.

Finally, I’d like to thank a few certain people in particular who work tirelessly and don’t receive the recognition they deserve for all of their hard work.

Danni Scanlan, Michelle Eaton, Vera Knezevic and Patrick Hood. These 4 in particular make my job so much easier and help keep the stress levels down. Also thanks to Mik Hanson and Boris Krasic for their assistance over the weekend and Robyn Alsop from Jolie Image for the magnificent photos.

Finally to Joe and all of the staff at White Eagle House, John Russell from All Star Pool Tables and Johl Younger from Slate Pool Lounge.

Thanks heaps guys hope to see everyone back next year in hopefully a bigger and better tournament and can’t wait to do it  all over again next year.

Velo Dulic

Tournament Director


2012 Geelong Open Draw

1. Jared Stowe-Winder 1. Michelle Eaton 1. Lisa Garvey 1. Vera Knezevic 1. Wayne Stubbs 1. Paul Pike
2. Brodie Stubbs 2. Trent Reinheimer 2. Rob Taylor 2. Paul Ikstrums 2. Daniel Thorp 2. Aaron O'Mara
3. Kevin Harvie 3. Scott Atkinson 3. Stan Iakovakis 3. Steve Gray 3. Maree Kislingbury 3. Mark Wood
4. James Southwell 4. Mark 'Machine' Williams 4. Remo De Ingeniis 4. Mark 'Stealth' Williams 4. Tony Wakefield 4. Marcus Harrison
5. Rusty Wheeler 5. Steven Halliday 5. Graham Hall 5. Kurt Dunham 5. Darren Cooper 5. Tim Holt
6. Jasen Rengasamy 6. Ann Moimoi 6. Semisi Naupoto 6. Aaron Kaminski 6. Jason Ha 6. Paul Hancock
7. Alistair Webster 7. Nelson Chater 7. Ngoc Le 7. Brendan Connors 7. Adam Arnold 7. Blair Kirkcaldy
8. Katrina Defina 8. Roy Tan 8. Kyle Crawford 8. Minh Le 8. Joe Seovic 8. Kolbe Poole
9. Cranne Wrigley 9. Justin Stubbs 9. Jeff Peters 9. Gerry Grbavac 9. Ken Krieger 9. Carol Wakefield
10. Danni Scanlan 10. Raymond Shorthouse 10. Phil Jones 10. Archie Andonopoulos 10. Declan McDaid 10. Jeff Eichler
        11. Glen Riebelt 11. Zak Kocev
1. Nathan Harris 1. Dan Vandermeer 1. Jimmy Spiteri 1. Vince Barbuto 1. Emma Babauta 1. Steve McCormick
2. Sheona Williams 2. Jamie Stevens 2. Jason Cary 2. Simon Henry 2. Dale Bolton 2. Tracy Scerri
3. Chris Banks 3. Cameron Cary 3. Steve Thomas 3. Rhiannon McLachlan 3. Nick Howie 3. Riki Hopkinson 
4. Adam List 4. Duncan Willocks 4. Ben Judge 4. Michelle Hansen 4. Ronnie George 4. Richie Comiskey
5. Michael Hughson 5. Daryl Witcombe 5. Peter Kirkcaldy 5. Travis Martin 5. Daniel Pangilan 5. Paul Carlile
6. Jasen Ramsden 6. Darren Waite 6. Robert Stewart 6. Bill Vassiliou 6. Ron Beswick 6. Robin Saab
7. Huy Le 7. Dee Rispoli 7. Angela Wright 7. Keith Roberts 7. Tom Gill 7. Broe Shiells
8. Rod Dunham 8. Stephen Brosnahan 8. Kevin Malek 8. Sahil Sharma 8. Alicia Avram 8. Shane Murphy
9. Tim Liddell 9. Adam Bleumink 9. Tony Kostov 9. Jordan Mitchell 9. Jarrod Bennett 9. Kathy Howden
10. Dudley Diczku 10. Rodney Kaine 10. Stephen Kaine 10. Frank Reynolds 10. Mick Voogt 10. Cale Barrett
11. Dave Stone 11. Dene Heremaia 11. Vicki Que 11. David Cooper 11. Chiu Wongchiu 11. Grant Schirmer
1. Steven Pottinger 1. Doug Collins 1. Ben Pottinger 1. James Placella 1. Ang Butera 1. Micheal Reardon
2. Mick Scerri 2. JR 2. Mark Nugent 2. Peter Knight 2. Dion Moir 2. Ben Kleeman
3. Mick Norton 3. Morgan Weetman 3. Dennis Mann 3. Wanda Allen 3. Colin Colenso 3. Bill Pasco
4. Martin Grant 4. Karl O Donoghue 4. Kevin Luke 4. Terry Axford 4. Theo Tsaikos 4. Peter Liderth
5. Carol Nunn 5. Taylor Meyer 5. Meaghan Forbes 5. Ben Nunan 5. Mick Brundell 5. Rodney Duffin
6. Steven Brown 6. Guy Melon 6. Paul Thomerson 6. Ryan Thomerson 6. Matthew Witcombe 6. Paul Kuria
7. Leigh Kennedy 7. Daniel John 7. Tim Wyatt 7. Nathan Sopeer 7. Paul Stone 7. Wayne van Eggelen
8. Phil Gray 8. Brent Hampton 8. Jason Tanaskovic 8. David Rushbrooke 8. Shane Kilby 8. Robyn Alsop
9. Grant Hopkinson 9. Akkie Yooiam 9. Danny Michell 9. Alexandra Ashton    
10. Scott Peel 10. Norm Peel 10. Ricky Tomasello 10. Dinesh Patel    
11. Jack Witheridge 11. Roy Noblett 11. David Collins 11. Rick Johnson    
1. Johl Younger 1. David Krasic 1. Mik Hanson 1. Patrick Hood 1. Boris Krasic 1. Russell Gibbs
2. Dale Kent 2. Greg Santuccione 2. Ecky 2. Matty Curwood 2. Paul Dunn 2. Brad Redman
3. Johnno Nekrep 3. Kevin van Eggelen 3. Mark Curwood 3. Andrew Thom 3. Tania Ahmet 3. Jamie Cockerill
4. Luke McKee 4. John McCarter snr 4. John Sherwell 4. Damien Vanveldhoven 4. Frank Lawless 4. Colin Little
5. Deadly Duncan 5. Jamie Simpson 5. Dale Watson 5. Mark Lewis 5. Pud Wilson 5. Jake McCartney
6. Don Colbert 6. Steve Tran 6. Shane Leonard 6. James Mifsud 6. Peter Butterworth 6. Dan Lynch
7. Mitch Calnin 7. Theo Nicopoulos 7. Jim Alexander 7. Amanda Santuccione 7. Ash Watts 7. Brett Jolly
8. Josh Scherpenhuizen 8. Ronnie Reed 8. Chris Braumandle 8. Maxim Kekich 8. Steve Gibbs 8. Simon Davies
        9. Deb Cornell 9. Matt Bruenjes
1. Leigh Gilpin 1. Sam Lilly 1. Ben Hood 1. Wade Tarticchio    
2. Chris Sherlock 2. Chris Jolly jnr 2. Nick Young 2. Paul Hucker    
3. Liesen Jolly 3. Kyle Wilson 3. Matt Tyers 3. Glenn Croese    
4. Mark Gottlieb 4. Anthony Lyons 4. John Calnin 4. Shane Rourke    
5. Mick Withers 5. Lionel Hinchcliffe 5. Matt McKenzie 5. Tom McCall    
6. Nurwana Mustafa 6. Graeme Wright 6. Neil Brown 6. Charlie Bucolo    
7. Josh Kitanovski 7. Stephen Sirocuk 7. Brad Eagland 7. Peter O'Keefe    
8. Colin Ryan 8. Lachlan Gibbs 8. Josh Wells 8. Josh Morgan    
9. Steve Viney 9. Thomas O'Keefe 9. Tom Djulic 9. Brooke Wagstaff    
10. Bye 10. Bye 10. Bye 10. Bye    


2012 Geelong Open Singles Results

2012 Geelong Open Singles


Last 128


Daryl Witcombe d Matty Curwood

Cranne Wrigley d Sam Lilly

Rod Dunham d Joe Sevic

Dene Heremaia d Brendan Connors

Kurt Dunham d Adam Bleumink

Adam List d Michael Scerri

Rusty Wheeler d Ray Shorthouse

Ben Hood d Dave Stone

Paul Pike d Steve McCormick

Mark Curwood d John McCarter

Kevin Luke d Robbie Taylor

Roy Noblett d Dan Lynch

Graeme Wright d Marcus Harrison

Jim Spiteri d Guy Melon

Boris Krasic d Glenn Croese

Daniel Thorp d Darren Waite

Vince Barbuto d Shane Murphy

Machine Williams d Scott Atkinson

Ben Judge d Nathan Sopear

Rod Duffin d Paul Stone

Mick Norton d Ron Beswick

Jason Cary d Wade Tarticchio

Colin Colenso d Semisi Naupoto

Ben Pottinger d Duncan Willocks

Steve Halliday d Chris Jolly jnr

Jake McCartney d Ronnie George

James Southwell d Carol Nunn

Kevin Harvie d Mick Withers

Paul Ikstrums d Ben Kleeman

Karl O’Donoghue d Ken Krieger

Paul Thomerson d Michael Reardon

Peter Knight d Akkie Yooiam

Frank Lawless d John Clanin

Josh Kitanovski d Tom McCall

Jarred Bennett d Mark Gottlieb

Phil Jones d Dale Bolton

Sam Iakovakis d Frank Reynolds

Anthony Lyon d Kyle Crawford

Mark Nugent d Mark Wood

Steve Thomas d Aaron Kaminski

Ryan Thomerson d Jason Tanaskovic

Steve Grey d Alistair Webster

David Rushbrooke d Bill Vassilliou

Paul Carlile d Huy Le

Travis Martin d Sahil Sharma

Russell Gibbs d Theo Nicopolous

Roy Tan d Dale Watson

David Collins d Tony Wakefield

J.R. d Neil Brown

David Krasic d Chris Sherlock

Ben Nunan d Luke McKee

Nick Young d Nathan Harris

Steve Tran d Ecky

Martin Grant d Tony Kostov

James Mifsud d Tania Ahmet

Johl Younger d Theo Tsaikos

Richie Comiskey d Ang Butera

Scott Peel d Peter O’Keefe

Patrick Hood d Dale Kent

Steve Gibbs d Shane Leonard

Paul Hancock d Aaron O’Mara

Wayne Stubbs d Tom Gill

Stephen Kaine d Peter Liderth

Josh Scherpenhuizen d Max Kekich



Last 64


Kurt Dunham d Graeme Wright

Boris Krasic d Jason Cary

Daryl Witcombe d Josh Scherpenhuizen

Roy Noblett d Kevin Luke

Mark Curwood d James Southwell

Nick Young d Stephen Kaine

Karl O’Donoghue d Steve Grey

Paul Ikstrums d David Rushbrooke

Richie Comiskey d David Collins

Ben Judge d Cranne Wrigley

Wayne Stubbs d Mark Nugent

Steve Tran d Jarred Bennett

Johl Younger d Paul Carlile

James Mifsud d Ben Hood

Rod Dunham d Patrick Hood

Roy Tan d Peter Knight

Daniel Thorp d Stan Iakovakis

Ben Nunan d Steve Gibbs

Ryan Thomerson d Kevin Harvie

Mick Norton d Paul Thomerson

J.R. d Frank Lawless

Josh Kitanovski d Jim Spiteri

Rod Duffin d Steven Halliday

Phil Jones d Dene Heremaia

Jake McCartney d Anthony Lyon

Ben Pottinger d Adam List

Paul Hancock d Travis Martin

David Krasic d Colin Colenso

Vince Barbuto d Scott Peel

Steve Thomas d Paul Pike

Russell Gibbs d Martin Grant

Rusty Wheeler d Machine Williams


Last 32


Rod Duffin d Roy Noblett

Karl O’Donoghue d Mark Curwood

Jake McCartney d Vince Barbuto

Ben Judge d Mick Norton

Steve Tran d Josh Kitanovski

Phil Jones d Paul Hancock

Ben Nunan d Ryan Thomerson

Johl Younger d Paul Ikstrums

J.R. d Rod Dunham

Rusty Wheeler d Steve Thomas

Kurt Dunham d Ben Pottinger

James Mifsud d Daniel Thorp

Boris Krasic d Russell Gibbs

Richie Comiskey d David Krasic

Wayne Stubbs d Daryl Witcombe

Roy Tan d Nick Young


Last 16


Wayne Stubbs d James Mifsud

Ben Judge d Phil Jones

Ben Nunan d Boris Krasic

Rusty Wheeler d Jake McCartney

Steve Tran d Johl Younger

Roy Tan d J.R.

Kurt Dunham d Rod Duffin

Karl O’Donoghue d Richie Comiskey


Last 8


Karl O’Donoghue d ben Nunan

Kurt Dunham d Wayne Stubbs

Steve Tran d Roy Tan

Ben Judge d Rusty Wheeler


Semi Finals


Ben Judge d Kurt Dunham

Karl O’Donoghue d Steve Tran




Ben Judge 5 d Karl O’Donoghue 4