FRIDAY 10th February 2023
3.00pm – Tables available for practice
4.00pm – Bar opens

7.00pm – Friday night qualifying on tables 1 and 2
7.00pm – $25/$50 round robin knockouts (Mens and Ladies)
**In the event that knockouts are unable to finish on Friday night due to time, they will be completed straight after the main draw qualifying on Saturday
Players that are playing their qualifying games on the Friday evening can also play in the ONLY one round robin knockout.

SATURDAY 11th February 2023
9.00am – SLATE POOL LOUNGE – venue opens
9.00am – Welcome speeches and run down of the tournament schedule for the weekend
10.00am – Start of qualifying matches

10.00am – SHELL CLUB – venue opens
10.30am – Round Robin
DRESS CODE – no singlets or thongs

7.00pm – $25 Masters for any player turning 50 in 2023 or are over the age of 50
7.00pm – $50 per team Mixed Scotch Doubles

SUNDAY 12th February 2023
9.00am – Slate opens
9.30am – Round 1 matches to commence. Best of 5
Loser’s to umpire the following match. Anyone that doesn’t umpire or get a fill in to umpire for them after losing their match will forfeit any prizemoney
11.00am – Names taken for the Non qualifiers comp
12.30pm – Non-qualifiers to begin 1st round matches
Slate Bar & Lounge dress code over the weekend is neat and tidy.

2022 geelong open finaistl

2022 Geelong Open 8 Ball Results

2022 Geelong Open results
Friday Night
$25/$50 comp
Alec Evreniadis d Justin Allen

Saturday Night

Masters comp
Alec Evreniadis d JR
Ladies comp
Mayanna Aspinall d Katie Dwyer
Mixed Scotch doubles
Mick Scerri & Emma Babauta
Steve Jamieson & Teah Raeburn
Split 1st & 2nd Prize

Sunday blonks comp

Jake McCartney d Rhys Godden
Sunday Last 128 Main Draw B/5
Chase Daley d Don Weston
Matty Curwood d Anthony Richardson
Ben Hood d Doug Morikovski
Phil Gray d Simmo Simpson
Goerge Costaras d Theo Nicopolous
Suzi Robertson d Chelle Belle
Daniel Thorp d Mayanna Aspinall
Tony Jellet d Alex Pace
Will Chilton d Alex Alabakis
Shannon Hinchcliffe d Matt Goodlock
Steve Tran d Phil Gruszczak
Bob Dennis d Leigh Middleton
Nathan Charles d Scott Adams
Richard Dempsey d Jake Brazendale
Josh Gorski d Frank Lidonicci
Ben Nunan d Aaron Kilpatrick
Ian Hinton d Steve Balacki
Gus Di Giorgio d Ciaron Dempsey
Marc Robertson d Scott Henderson
Dale Kent d Steve McCormick
David Cooper d Garry Watts
Rowan Kasper d Padraig Fanning
Roy Noblett d Kyle Wilson
Ron Callender d Gavin Roberts
Dion Moir d Gokhan Aksakal
Jake McCartney d James Reid
Norm Beshara d Josh Parsons
Scott Parker d Daniel Hardfka
Ekky Lakthong d Jay Windross
Aec Evreniadis d Kiki Singh
Brian Daly d Travis Martin
Rory Jowett d Steve Halliday
Stephen Brosnahand Tony Denino
Pat Rogers d Steve Knowles
Jared Stowe-Winder d Mark Curwood
Marcus Harrison d Nick Dosaloski
Kate Shaw d Steven Pottinger
Glenn Croese d Andrew Knight
Patrick Hood d Deadly Duncan
Rob Bowen d Matty V
Steve Jamieson d Mitch Adams (F)
Braedon Hale d Mark Lewis
Mick Reardon d Tim Santolucido
Josh Boyle d Nelson Chater
Stan Iakovakis d Brett Cook
Steve Landsborough d Adam Couchman
Sean Dempsey d Jamie Walker
Michael Cody d Simon Henry
Akkie Yooiam d Paul Pike
Ash Watts d Daniel Cornell
Hal Pritchard d Don King
Tem Dixon d Tony Begovic
George Zamoya d Brad Redman
Trent Mason d Emma Babauta
Tom O’Keefe d Jim Spiteri
Lee Johnstone d Decoda Cook
Dale Watson d Mark Burton
Mark Roberts d Scott Basile
Teah Raeburn d Alan Nash
Geoff Taku d Aran Treacy
Johl Younger d Justin Allen
Mick Scerri s Steve Hargreaves
Mike Ballam d Jabbour Wannach
Ronnie George d JR
Sunday Last 64 Main Draw B/5
George Costaras d Nathan Charles
Josh Gorski d Rowan Kasper
Chase Daley d Ronnie George
Steve Tran d Bob Dennis
Norm Beshara d Shannon Hinchcliffe
Tem Dixon d Mike Ballam
Alec Evreniadis d Braedon Hale
Ekky Lakthong d Mick Reardon
Dale Watson d Michael Cody
Marc Robertson d Matty Curwood
Mick Scerri d Patrick Hood
Jared Stowe Winder d George Zamoya
Josh Boyle d Lee Johnstone
Tom O’Keefe d Tony Jellett
Teah Raeburn d Ben Hood
Sean Dempsey d Rory Jowett
Ben Nunan d Kate Shaw
Geoff Taku d Hal Pritchard
Steve Jamieson d Scott Parker
Brian Daly d David Cooper
Stephen Brosnahan d Akkie Yooiam
Pat Rogers d Richard Dempsey
Dale Kent d Dion Moir
Marcus Harrison d Phil Gray
Glenn Croese d Jake McCartney
Ron Callender d Suzie Robertson
Johl Younger d Stan Iakovakis
Roy Noblett d Ash Watts
Ian Hinton d Mark Roberts
Rob Bowen d Will Chilton
Steve Landsborough d Trent Mason
Gus Di Giorgio d Daniel Thorp

LAST 32 B/5

Dale Kent d Steve Tran
Norm Beshara d Alec Evreniadis
Marc Robertson d Brian Daly
Ian Hinton d Glenn Croese
Jared Stowe Winder d Pat Rogers
Johl Younger d Marcus Harrison
Steve Jamieson d Geoff Taku
Ekky Lakthong d Josh Boyle
Stephen Brosnahan d Teah Raeburn
Gus Di Giorgio d Rob Bowen
Ron Callender d George Costaras
Ben Nunan d Tom O’Keefe
Josh Gorski d Stephen Landsborough
Roy Noblett d Dale Watson
Mick Scerri d Chase Daley
Tem Dixon d Sean Dempsey

LAST 16 B/7

Mick Scerri d Ben Nunan
Johl Younger d Marc Robertson
Steve Jamieson d Josh Gorski
Ian Hinton d Gus Di Giorgio
Jared Stowe Winder d Ekky Lakthong
Tem Dixon d Stepen Brosnahan
Dale Kent d Ron Callender
Roy Noblett d Norm Beshara

LAST 8 B/7

Tem Dixon d Mick Scerri
Steve Jamieson d Johl Younger
Ian Hinton d Dale Kent
Roy Noblett d Jared Stowe-Winder


Steve Jamieson d Tem Dixon
Ian Hinton d Roy Noblett


Steven Jamieson d Ian Hinton 6-5