2011 Geelong Open Singles

Friday Night Comp
$50 Comp 1 – Brenton Collier d Gus Di Giorgio
$50 Comp 2 – Rusty Wheeler d James Dela
$10 Comp –    Mark Williams d Mick Hodgetts
Ladies Comp  Kolbe Poole d Rhiannon McLachlan




Geelong Open 2011 Results (Blind Draw)


Ben Nunan        
  Ben Nunan      
Rusty Wheeler   Ben Nunan    
Dale Bolton        
Daniel Thorp     Ben Nunan 6
Wayne Stubbs        
  Wayne Stubbs      
Phil Jones        
Cranne   Michael Scerri    
  Michael Scerri      
Michael Scerri       Ben Nunan
Jake McCartney        
  Jake McCartney      
Nick Young   Jake McCartney    
Ivan Spiteri        
  Jamie Stevens      
Jamie Stevens        
Adam List     Alec Evreniadis 4
  Adam List      
Peter O’Keefe        
David Krasic   Alec Evreniadis    
  Alec Evreniadis      
Alec Evreniadis        




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