2024 Geelong Open 8 Ball Itinerary

2024 Geelong Open 8 Ball Itinerary

2024 Geelong Open Itinerary

4.00pm: Slate opens

5.00pm: Names and payment taken for $20, $50 and Ladies knockouts.

7.00pm: All knockouts to start
7.00pm: Friday night qualifiers on table 1

*All knockouts will have half price buy backs until full

*Players can play in a maximum of 2 events for the night

*If knockouts aren’t completed due to time, they will be completed on Saturday after main draw qualifying

9.00am: Slate opens
9.30am: Speeches, IR Rules Rundown & Minute’s Silence
10.00am: Player’s Auction
*First round matches commence immediately after auction

Saturday night:
7.30pm: Mixed Scotch doubles & Master’s comp (Over 50)


9.00am: Slate opens
9.30am: Round 1 commencement.
11.00am: Names taken for Blonks comp
( For players who didn’t qualify & 1st round losers on the Sunday)


Saturday: Casual.

Underarm deodorant is highly recommended if you’re wearing a singlet.

Sunday: Collared shirt for main comp